Sunday, February 27, 2011

Soul Harvest: Part I

"I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against ‘every’ form of 
tyranny over the mind of man." 
Frieze of the Jefferson Memorial

I am on watch duty
for all forms of clandestine activities
aimed at the subjugation
of our autonomously loving souls.

Protecting the sovereignty of our souls,
and f
reeing our minds to truly love is my top priority.

I am examining all teachings, philosophies,
movements, religions, meditations, healings...
Do they truly ‘help’ or ‘hurt’ the cause of our fulfillment
as autonomously loving sovereign beings?

Reverse Knowing is a way to help test the spiritual (vibrational) waters surrounding the ideas and intent of teachers, entertainers,
and all those vying to influence us.

Galactic Alliance from Pleiades here to help?

This caught my eye. 

These Pleiadians of the Galactic Alliance bill themselves as the ‘good guy’ here to save us...

They seem open and describe the process gathering us in a quite detailed manner.
These are some of the same processes revealed throughout all the RS I listen to.

rotating wheels of connected people, row, writhes, wheels...  all come through RS as descriptions of the habitat of spirits.

They say there is no one leader?

Sounds good...

but they speak of the ‘group mind’.

Who is this ‘group mind’?

how the ‘group mind’ grows:

and these opening occur within you, you vibrate at such a rate, that effects everyone around you
R- push my Ah-Wa/hour- what we know, we Vet, attach house, air was just that, air of valve we, we knit the realm with ‘need da fraught’ {causing distress} ‘hate that'
it occurs without you rationally understanding it or specifically having a picture
R- her shape, bring a 'vey hill' {hive of channelling spirits}/veil with us, l sip {gosip} zero pang {no pang of conscience}, knight are not, no shy, we slack of Zer, we’re hip 
the part that knows and is going to break this reality wide open 
R- ne' {now} bouyed E {bound emotion} all, we the liars, sith {spirit team} there with miss, near-oaks/new-yokes in it, sir run, they drop it/ET
We want you to realize the heretic inside of you
R- we get our snake, it rapes beyond, it die, worst we, on wheel
this is not going to be done by one world leader
R- her deal now globe wrap, nod give it new yoke {burden, control} ‘on's’, is if {a condition, you can determine if you are yoked}
at this time the guardian's of light are on this planet by the millions
R- snail in the Nic denounce, sin knot, rot the elve with neat orb, me Ah seed that

All you need to do is evolve yourself
R- swat sir-volve, eats thee wood, with Nic being, we go

I seldom hear any reference to the ‘family’.  The family is the God-given natural organization.  Here is the true school of love, with parents as head, naturally raising and teaching love their children.

There is no teaching of the family in this entire video.

Do you think this is really a high teaching?

Bashir is a channel-er {harp} of the Galactic Alliance who is 'empowering' people with their 'self' worth.  There is a lot he says that is very attractive, especially if you have low esteem, and struggle to make a success of your life.

He teaches how superior his (extra-terrestrial) culture because they accept all relationships, and teach that all relationships (even sexual) are important and bind you together forever. They teach a 'blended sexuality'. 

I have been receiving a lot about the return of the Age of the 'Law".

There is little real hope here because there is no separating of good and evil, no purity, or rebirth.  Innocence is lost, all are bound to past: 'we've an old bond'.

not one of you, not one of you, can be removed from the matrix without the collapse of the whole structure...
R- us harps {channel-er} are an odd/awed knee {relationship}, let's power the bad oaks {those with layers of 'hard wood', experience, source of Law}; there's game in the fu'm that nix {eradicate}, and that damn E {emotive}, we've an old bond, we've an old bond,  
your begining to feel this in what you may call a physical way, all of the ideas, we would have you understand that all of the definitions, all of the nomenclature, all of the variables in the equation of your existence...
R- sluts say g'd day under the elk bandit; slow be arrival of the law, as the elk move under the law, its under Shenney the head of the law, 'say' aid the ‘eye’ of the law,

I believe if I were to dig deeper into this mess, I would find resentment and even a targeted anger at the spirit of ‘innocence, God centered ‘awe and gratitude’.

I return to he necessity of the Messiah, to bring rebirth, and a pure new beginning for our true sovereign identity as children of the ‘True Parent’.

This is the ‘Key’ to true human liberation.  Without a completely clear and heartfelt view of who we are and where we truly came from, we are open for manipulation on all levels.  We are targets already by the nature of that central role designed for us, and so, all of us will be put to the test.  Without proper preparation, we will be easily turned.

Also, without the ‘old bonds’ being broken and the past being scrubbed clean,  there is no hope for a joyful future and it will be impossible to embrace eternity..

With this ‘old bond’, we will fall under the law and will be controlled by the record of our sin.  The 'law' is based on the pattern set in the physical record.  Our life is forced to function under contracts involving buying, owing, suing, and paying- all constant themes in Reverse Speech and thus an inescapable reality of the lower spirit world.  Our ‘sins’ are part of that ‘old bond’, and we are forever labeled, divided and controlled by them.

With (neo)-Christian forgiveness and rebirth, we escape this "Law" and it's comparisons, judgments. By repenting (heartfelt re-thinking and correction ourselves)and through taking responsibility, we regain true sovereignty in our responsible position as children of the infinite and all loving Parent and we claim the realm of complete freedom.  We transcend the economy of the fallen heart, the owing and payback.

We ‘can’ break out of template cast by our imperfect, sinful self. We can truly become advocates for innocence and aspire to the original ideal with-out accusation based on our past record.

We inherit the position of our True Father as our "messiah" and do not fall under the law.

In this model, it is imperative to see that we have 'fallen' from an original intended position and design.  RS clearly and constantly reminds us that that is the case.

We must not be delude with a seductively placed ‘truths’ of personal empowerment designed to turn our hearts and submitting them to their ‘wisdom’; and thus accepting the bond of a fallen love system.

There is a final ‘Neo-Christian’ stage that is necessary to secure us on this earth without interference and continual spiritual and physical warfare. Here we return to the world originally intended by God.  In this stage, the purified children of God unite as blessed couples with God in the center of their hearts and build their families free from the old bond.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Behind the Illusion: The Inverted ID (Identity)

Behind the Illusion: The Inverted ID (Identity)

inspired by RKH

We are part of a massive manipulation,

a sting operation where the conspirators themselves,
are on different levels of the sting,
partially in the know, and partially being stung themselves.
They are participants in a grand hierarchical illusion.

Like a slight of hand magician,
who uses our keen sense of focused sight,
to turn our mind away from the subtle side trickery,
this master illusionist and his associates
use our need for intense 'relationships'
to distracted us from what is being manipulated
and corrupted at our core: Our ID.

I like that abbreviation.
The 'I' is the core of self,
or the 'eye' is the god-self
reaching out for relationships.
The 'D' (delta) is the objective self,
the feminine which loves and binds,
that which lives for relationships.
'De' can also mean to take apart or undo.

We have been subverted
by the Grand Illusionist's slight of hand: ID became DI (driving intoxicated).
Our 'self' is now determined by our relationships.

We are 'idolaters and adulterers'
in the eye of our true loving subject partner God.

It is because we place those relationships
in the place reserved for that 'primary relationship'.

How now can we make things right?
What comes first, the 'self' or the 'relationship'?
We lose with either choice.
If we chose the self, we become self centered.
If we chose relationships,
we revert back to our 'adulterous or idolatrous' selves.

Here lay the central trick of this ruse.
To make you 'chose' between two parts designed to be whole.

The only way through this
is to see this 'Self' and all its 'relationships'
as sourced from the same thing,
birthed from a loving Parent.

Christianity began to clarify this birthright, our true 'bloodline'.
'Neo-Christianity' must complete it and see this absolute reality.
We are birthed from a loving mother and father.
We continue that same linage centered on that 'Prime' relationship. 
The face of our God is now clear. 
Our true identity is clear. 
We are empowered by the restored vision of our birthright. 
We now have the tools to see through this deception.

The mission is now clear.

Watch, listen and understand. 
Claim the tools to protect God, our loved ones and our selves;
all so that the providence of God can unfold as it should.


The Other Flying Over That Coo Coo's Nest

Thursday, October 14, 2010



‘Time’ is all about the recovery or loss of our ‘Identity’

This is quite revealing.  In my quest to understand time, RK reminds me that we cannot understand time apart from our true internal condition.

The ‘Fall’ pulled man spirit into ‘Time’ and split his formerly integrated self:

R- all ‘was’ {past, N.} Ah {developing Adam} seep through
R- slice me Ah, there Ah ate {fall}, liar in it

Our original mission (that we now do ‘not’ see) is to become: ‘Gem Yachts’, moving, active, luxury vessels of the highest worth.

R- me Ah {little Adam}, me yacht, [EVP-new jet] may Ah {now in uncertainty}
R- mission not see, ‘gem yacht’ {the mission}

This fall and division into materialism turned Adam and his linage into manipulating ‘bullies’.  It set the condition for them to be subjugated by inter-dimensional beings (Ets).
R- Nic {passion self} halves himself, muck 
[EVP- compares needed, Hawk (God) command it clean] ]
R- see bully the ‘saw’ {Nic halved} produced, see bully with a venue {crime scene}, nerve {emotional energy}Ah eat
We worship {aums} what we hold in our hearts.  Those ‘Aums’ reform our ID, they cement {cem-mat our roof} our individual form.  In that ‘worship/war-ship/whore-ship’, ‘Was-Smith Ets’ pin there names with us, and win their ID as we find ours. (note that we should be ‘Gem Yachts’, and not War-Whore-Ships)

R- the Aums {devotions, worship} cem-mat the roof {define border, event horizon}
R- the serp {snake Et} pin his name during aum {worship} with him
R- the serp win his name, knee aum with thee {you}

In that struggle for Identity- if we are not awake and clear, the lower half of us is claimed.
R- they’re sleepin’, mark silver, NACK {negative acknowledgement}
‘heal em’ with dames, sow ‘Was’ Smith-Ets in it,
{they forge our spiritual ID’s} E {emotion} ‘Heir’ ka {spiritual self} enough, mock {copy} 
Our lower half, shares ‘hive’ dependency, as our higher self is subjugated.  Fear enters our ‘worship’ as we imagine the future.  As we are initiated into our new ‘fraternity {pref night}, controlling Ets ‘warp’ the law.
R- this last {Ah-lower self}heaps {co-dependence},
they wallow/wall low, own {control} A {higher self}
R- ‘was’ {past} there worst {satan} E {emote} odd Nic,
wondersh’d in E [reel person]
R-in the aum, adding the arrow {project future}afraid
R- they’ve M {death} row, get a grenade, they’re all afraid Nic {passion leader}
R-thing go bash, shoot your ‘sleep bro’ {Cain self kills sleeping Abel self},
R-see our pref night {frat initiation} [behind your sleep, there is someone],
he warps the law
Every aspect of our nature is then controlled by this materialized hierarchical net. Our sustenance depends on a spiritual economy of need, owing, suing, paying. There is envy, jealousy and endless comparing.  There is no satisfaction.
R- they better carrots, they launch still up
R- say it’s merit time, pay up [they must owe ‘um pay A]
R- solution ‘Heir-Ah’ type faced {false ID} yur now Et(h)
R- hell on earth, its this ski {sliding, slippery slop}
The final statement begs the question, which boat will we ‘be sailing’, the ‘Gem Yacht’ or the War-Whore-Ship?
R- me, heart weeps and I am set
R- see which ‘Heir-Ah’ do {God’s Heir or satan’s heir, root of our Identity}

Here’s the raw study:

I enjoy the time travel concept in science fiction, but here is my true view of time-

We are sourced from 'The Timeless Mind'.  Time is just an illusion like matter and space, created by our independent experiences with pieces of the whole. 

In reality, everything exists in the 'Eternal Present', and it will always be such.  Therefore, in that Mind, there is no true past or future to travel to.  All is growing and 'fractalizing', while its knowledge (the record of it) compresses back into oneness. 

The energy of past arrangements exist eternally, and therefore the energetic form of it can be revisited, but the 'Mind' remains in the 'Present'.  Future possibilities, even inevitabilities, can be vividly created within the imagination, but the Mind remains in the present.

That's my honest view of Time.  The only time travelers from the future come from creations they themselves made while living in the 'Present' with the rest of us.

Full reversed recording:

Forward Reverse
R- me Ah {little Adam}, me yacht, [EVP-new jet, pm, Mary loves you] may Ah
I enjoy the time travel concept
R- her snuck, Ka {sp mind, conscience} doze knee Ah [Mary love you grew peace]
in science fiction,  
R- he shifts yes-no where math {connecting all things} push/put
but here is my true view of time:
R- ya act very bushed {tired, affected by time}, yums {female in yab/yum, compassion}, they grey {Ets}, help [EVP-they can help you through attack]
We are sourced from 'The Timeless Mind'. 
R- the Aums {devotion} cem-mat the roof {define border, event horizon}, [the purpose hurts]  zeros sir-rape [in the wake of me]
Time is just an illusion
R- mission not see, ‘gem yacht’ {the mission}
like matter and space,
R- say it’s merit-dime/merit-time, pay up [they must owe ‘um pay A]
created by our independent experiences R- says nar’ {narrow} escape the nappin’ A , hurry up the dare {bet, chance to re-create}
with pieces of the whole. 
R- all ‘was’ {past} Ah seep through
In reality, everything exists
R- so-why-ice {slice} me Ah, there Ah ate {fall}, liar in it
in the 'Eternal Present',
R- was their worst {satan} E {emote} odd Nic, wander/wondersh’d in E {emotion} [real person]
and it will always be such. 
R- this last {Ah-lower self}heaps {co-dependence}, they wallow, own {control} A {higher self}
Therefore, in that Mind,
R- in the aum, adding the arrow {project future}afraid
there is no true past or future to travel to. 
R- thing go bash, shoot your ‘sleep bro’{cain self shoots able self}, put, sigh, push warns earth [quams they do]
All is growing and 'fractalizing',

R- see our/hour pref night {frat initiation} [behind your sleep,there is someone], he warps the law [calling him new-mal-leem]
while its knowledge (the record of it) R- they better carrots, they launch still up [they love ‘here’, cannot leave/leaf]
compresses back into oneness. 
R- [fork/hawk command it clean] sign no wood {history in law}, Nic halves himself, muck [compares {comparisons} needed]
The energy of past arrangements

R- [he/it covers] solution ‘Heir-Ah’ type faced {false ID} yur na’ {no/now}Eth
exist eternally,
R- [you never been je’] hell on earth, its this ski {sliding a slippery slop}
and therefore the energetic form of it
R- they’ve M {mortality, death} row, get a gernade, they’re all afraid Nic {passion leader}
can be revisited,
R- this if you need neck/Nic [I can hunt]
but the 'Mind' remains in the 'Present'. R- the serp {snake} pin his name {ID} during aum {worship} with him [home of 30 yahweys]
Future possibilities, even inevitability's, R- see bully the saw {Nic halved} produced, see bully with a venu, neve’/nerve Ah eat
can be vividly created within the imagination,
R- change ‘Time’ miranda do {everything you say, will be used against you}, the dare, killed the Vic E neck {spirit partner connection}
but the Mind remains in the present.

R- the serp win his name, knee aum with the(e) {you}
That's my honest view of Time. 
R- me aught/heart weeps and I am set
The only time travelers from the future
R- the’re sleepin’, mark silver,N-ACK {negative acknowledgement}heal em’ with- {dames}
come from creations they themselves made
R- dames, sow ‘was’ {the past} smith Ets {stamps the spiritual ID’s},
in it, E Heir’k enough mock {copy}
while living in the 'Present'
R- the serp pin, neither one/Wa {heart see}
with the rest of us.
R- see which/witch ‘Heir-Ah’ do